BTS: My Kobe Birthday Celebration #SelenaJasmine24

I must say, being a 23 year-old was incredible. I accomplished so many goals I set for myself, I met some incredible people, and and I grew as a person more than I could have ever imagined. It was a definitely a year of success, but towards the end it became an age of realization, and growth. For me, being 24 year old is about continuing these things and finding actual balance in my life. I feel like I was a bit robotic in 2016 in the sense that I would go after something, achieve it and then move on to the next thing without even stopping to enjoy it.

Sounds great, right? You’re probably wondering why the heck I’m complaining. Truth is, I’m not complaining about it. I’m totally proud of it, however I realized there is so much more to life then just that. I was missing out on being a human being, living in the moment, making meaningful connections with people, and developing myself as a person and not just in my career.

So cheers to 24, going with the flow, taking and making opportunities, endless connection, love, happiness, balance, new experiences, and basically anything that comes my way.

I really wanted to just let loose for my birthday this year. I wanted it to be stressless, easy, and fun. I basically just said whoever wanted to come could come #yolo. So I decided to get a photo booth to add some flare to my festivities prior to hitting the town for a night out.

I’m so thankful that I found Take My Photo Photobooth, they were amazing to work with. Not only did I get an affordable price, but I received the best service for my guests and I that night. The husband and wife duo, Brian and Shariq, were so friendly and accommodating. They came an hour early all the way from Barrie to Oakville, provided a quick set up of the open concept booth, a number of props, individual filmstrip print copies (with my graphic on it) for everyone in attendance, along with high quality digital copies to save online. Brian and Shariq were so easy to work with I totally recommend them for your next event.

Thank you to Cakes Sweet & Treats for the creamy and rich personalized red velvet cupcakes, they were the perfect dessert before heading out. I will definitely be coming back for more of those in the near future! THEY. WERE. PERFECT.

Balloon King in Mississauga did an amazing job with my balloons, and gave us a great price and wonderful service. The balloons have lasted forever too! They are currently floating in my bedroom.

I was so pleased with the service at the venue I chose to celebrate at. Wayward on Queen West, Downtown Toronto, played the best music (rap, hip-hop, top 40), and had a trendy and cool vibe. Thank you to all the staff and bottle service girls at Wayward for taking care of my guests and I, we had a blast and will for sure be back soon.

I would also love to thank Coke Chanel No6 for my amazing, most scandalous dress. I’m obsessed. Yes, a little sheer under that huge bright light, but perfect in regular light and my top choice for the occasion.

Lastly, thank you so much to everyone who sent me birthday messages, texts, phone calls, and even belated wishes to this day. I’m beyond grateful for all the love. Thank you to everyone who celebrated with me.

Click here to see photo booth photos!

-Sel xo

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