Dove: What is #RealBeauty?

Real beauty. What does that even mean these days?

I think the word beauty has been misinterpreted in so many ways. I feel like many of us often become consumed in other people’s perception of beauty, and in general we get caught up in society’s beauty standards. How horrible is it that we forget what beauty means to us as individuals?

Let’s get back to that. What does real beauty mean to YOU?

To me, real beauty is about being confident in your own skin and loving yourself- but I don’t just mean your physical appearance. I mean by being truely happy with who you are, the way you treat people, your outlook on life, what you bring to the table, your values, and your impact on people. To me real beauty is letting your soul shine through and bringing light to the world.

However, appearance is something we can’t ignore when it comes to the concept of beauty. When it comes to appearance I think beauty is about diversity, it’s about owning your own style, your unique look and body type, embracing all if its characteristics even when they’re considered “flaws”.

This is why I absolutely love partnering with Dove. I love what they stand for, especially the campaigns they run to bring forth important issues to an audience of all ages and through various social platforms. Earlier this year I partnered with them for theit Self Esteem Project for #InternationalDayOfTheGirl, and now I am joining them in their #RealBeauty campaign.

Dove has championed real beauty for decades and understands real women and the intricacies of their beauty. Through everything that it does, Dove works to help women realize their full beauty potential. A real beauty that is about being one-of-a-kind and proud of it; it’s something the brand has been doing for 60 years, through celebrating diverse women in their ground-breaking real beauty campaigns, and has no plans to stop.

Recent research from the Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report states that 8 in 10 women globally, say it’s important to feel that they’re their own person and are not trying to copy anyone else. The same report also revealed that the pressure to be beautiful is higher than ever before, partly driven by the influence social media has on us. 1 in 2 women feel social media puts pressure on them to look a certain way and 6 in 10 women and girls agree that in today’s society it is critical to meet certain beauty standards.

Dove has created six NEW Limited Edition Dove Body Washes each with their own limited edition number, designed to represent the diversity of beauty. Each bottle evokes the inimitable shapes, sizes, curves, edges that combine to make every woman their very own limited edition.

I want to take part in influencing other women, to embrace their own individuality as a source of confidence. I’m encouraging YOU to post a photo on any social platform (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.) sharing what real beauty means to you. Use the hashtag #RealBeauty and tag me @selenajasminee for a chance to win and exclusive Dove prize pack, but more importantly to be a part of this movement.

xo SelenaJasmine

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