Lifestyle: Lashes for NYC

Lashes by @beyondtheskin

I’ve never had eyelash extensions before and I’ve always been curious about getting them because they look stunning on other girls. To be completely honest, I’ve also always wanted to be able to say “I woke up like this” let’s be real.

I was so happy when my friend from high school told me she wanted to do my lashes for me before my trip, it was the perfect timing. I was always a bit afraid of getting them done in general because I didn’t know what to expect, but Melissa from Beyond The Skin Beauty made it so comfortable for me, I had no pain or irritation and was so happy with the results.

These were my natural lashes, which are straight on their own but curl well with mascara.

First, Melissa did a good chunk of my lashes and they looked pretty natural, but who wants natural when you can have glam for NYC, hello?

The first photo looks similar to when I wear mascara with my normal lashes.

The second photo is basically every lash done, curled perfectly, and at a manageable length. This was perfect for my trip because I could go little to no makeup and my eyes would still look wide awake.

Personally, I loved the lashes Melissa did for me and I would definitely get them again for a special occasion or before a trip. I don’t think I’d get them regularly as my lashes are a decent length with mascara, but I loved how little I had to do to get ready with the extensions on.

Melissa also set me up with instructions on how to take care of the lashes and gave me a brush to maintain them. Melissa is located in Oakville, and also offers her service as a makeup artist. Click here to check out her work!

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