What I’m Up To: Skits w/ @jluuzer

Growing up, I was always known for being an athlete. However, art has also always been a love of mine. From singing, dancing, acting, television, drawing, to painting- you name it, I loved it.

Today, I still love both sports and the arts and I’ve somehow managed to tie them into my life through the side jobs I work and my career passions in broadcast.

Although I’m in no way a trained actress, I love doing skits for social media. Big shoutout to the boy @jluuzer for getting me out of my comfort zone and featuring me in a number of his skits.

I met Johnathon Luu aka @jluuzer a couple of years ago when we worked together at Lululemon and he always had a great sense of humour. I’m so glad he’s decided to channel his creativity into these videos.

It’s always so much fun filming with Johnathon, he comes up with the funniest scenarios and has a well thought out execution every time. I’m looking forward to collaborating with him and other creatives this year.

Check out the rest of Johnathon Luu’s skits hereΒ and scroll down to see our skits so far!


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