SELENA VLOGS | 007: A day with the BestFan Crew

Hey friends!

I’m getting back to vlogging- sorry for the delay. It took me some time to get myself together, a lot of life changes and trying to find balance in my schedule/ also finding my authentic voice through vlogging without worrying about who’d be watching.

Anyway, follow me through my day, in this vlog you get to see some BTS of what my BestFan team and I do during a day of filming. For those of you who don’t know, BestFan is the online entertainment publication I work for as a web tv host. I love hanging out with the BestFan squad, they’re constantly inspiring, teaching, and pushing me to reach my highest potential. This is what one of our more laid back days looks like, lots more to come for the rest of 2017.



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